Frequently asked questions

Pl book an appointment with our Health Officer by :

Mobile : +91-9310476188

Landline : 011-35718232

Email : [email protected]

We have 3 levels of assisted programs. Fees depend upon initial diagnosis by the health officer.Initial diagnosis is free of cost

6 Months Assisted Program

9 Months Assisted Program

12 Months Assisted Program

Our programs works in a 3 stage process ?

3 Stage Process

Step 1 : Evaluation Process

Health officer have a detailed discussion and captures basic information (BMI.Blood test resports) and create a unique case number


Step 2 : Design Transformation Roadmap

Based on discussion a transformation roadmap being shared - Existing State to desired roadmap being created with focus on Nutrition,Exercise and phschological

Step 3 : Implementation

Milestone evaluation and consistent support help you to go through the transformation journey.

Duration depend on assessment by the Health Officer recommendations.

Xplore Urself does not believe in giving fad diets but get into the root of the issue and make holistic changes

You can start with 6 Months Program

You will start feeling some improvement from 2nd Month onwards. Exact time period will be told by the health officer

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